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Game On! GSCC unveils brand new sporting and recreational facilities

A very exciting project is currently being finalised at GSCC, with a new sporting field facility nearing completion! Located near the St Joseph Trades Skills Centre, the new field will provide a number of exciting opportunities. This includes state-of-the-art facilities for SCS sport and physical education, as well as more room for students to play sports or sit with friends during recess and lunch.

The field is expected to be completed in the coming weeks. Many students, especially those involved in Representative Sport such as soccer, are very excited about the opportunity to play on the brand-new field.

A number of trees and other native flora have been planted around the new area, which also features a special Yarning Circle. This was recommended by the school's Indigenous community and it is perfectly positioned by the neighbouring creek and native trees of the area.

We recently spoke to our College Principal, Mr Corcoran about this wonderful new facility, and you are invited to watch the special GSCC Insight episode below.

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