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Growing in Faith at the Year 7 Reflection Day

Good Samaritan Catholic College’s Year 7 group were recently able to participate in their Reflection Day, which was the first one in almost a year since the Covid-19 outbreak in 2020. Today, students were able to reflect on their connection with God and Jesus with the help of the ‘Culture Project.’ This made students realise the purpose of praying, and the meaning of visible and invisible signs in the Catholic Church. Throughout the day, Year 7 were put into small groups of 10 to have time to reflect on themselves so far in their high school journey. This helped them to acknowledge how they personally could talk to God and make an impact on this world and within the community.

Furthermore, the members of the ‘Culture Project’ discussed how love is important with God and Jesus, and the significance of its purpose. For example, the students were invited to talk about how they saw God: ‘Is he a genie who grants wishes, a vending machine that dispenses good gifts, or is he a cop, trying to catch you out on everything that you do wrong?’

They explained about the concept of God being love, due to all of us being in the image and likeness of Him, and that we should only treat people with love.

The day ended with a special Mass celebrated by Brother Pat, who gave us a great experience with Year 7’s first Mass together. Overall, the day was a very enriching experience and we would like to thank Mr Bradbury for giving us this opportunity. It allowed us to gather together as a community and pray in faith.


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