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Growing in Faith at Yr 7 Reflection Day

Year 7 recently travelled to Mt Schoenstatt, Mulgoa for their first reflection day at Good Samaritan Catholic College. They participated in a wide range of activities that helped them grow and appreciate their faith.

To start the day, many RE teachers greeted the students at Mt Schoenstatt after arriving by bus from the College. They were guided towards the Family Hall, where they had morning tea. Food was supplied by the staff at Mt Schoenstatt, which consisted of cupcakes, juice and chips. They were soon split into their house groups and completed various faith-related activities.

Some of these activities included learning to pray a decade of the rosary, students writing a letter to their Year 12 selves, learning to knit with the wool pack and writing a prayer card to a current Year 12 student for their HSC trials. The students all commented on how each of the activities made them feel closer to God and themselves as well as their peers.

Towards the end of the day, a sausage sizzle lunch was served. Right before they were about to leave, the whole grade and their teachers gathered on the lawn for a prayer service. The scriptures were based on the main themes of the day: love, community and faith.

The students travelled back to school by bus after a full day of reflecting on the practices and values of the Catholic community. The day was definitely beneficial to all of the students as it helped them develop their growth and understanding of the Catholic faith.

Written by Oriana P


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