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GSCC Community Spirit making a splash

On the 10th March, Good Samaritan Catholic College's Year 12 students had an amazing opportunity to participate in a fun afternoon at Aquatopia, an enormous water park inside Prairiewood Swimming Pools. Considering that they spent half of Year 11 2021 in remote learning, it was a fantastic chance for them to be able to spend time as a year group working on team-building and collaborative skills.

Last year, the then Year 11's spent most of their time learning from home, and missed out on social events and time with friends. As this is to be their last year at GSCC, and spending the majority of it working towards their HSC goals, it was a tremendous opportunity for them to show community spirit, enjoy each other's company and get drenched by the giant water bucket at the park before they continue with their studies.

Sadly, Year 12 were not able to attend their last Swimming Carnival with the College, but this event gave them the opportunity to enjoy Aquatopia as a year group and celebrate their last year at GSCC together. Aquatopia is more than just a theme park with a big bucket that gets you wet. The Year 12's had fun riding on ginormous waterslides, the wave machine, and novelty swimming races inside the Leisure Centre.

This day replaced bleak memories of quarantine with special everlasting ones that will be sure to stand the test of time.


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