GSCC Insight Episode 2 showcases the latest happenings around the College

It’s back!

The Special Events and Media Team is back with another episode of GSCC Insight! After the success of the first episode, a second one was bound to be released for the College.

For those who don’t know; GSCC Insight is an initiative that is operated solely by the Special Events and Media Team. It serves to be the ‘messenger of news’, informing students and staff alike about the latest and forthcoming events at Good Samaritan.

This new episode includes special interviews with students and teachers from around the College, sharing achievements and updates on various sectors of College life. Although not a replacement for assemblies, episodes of Insight can be seen as an additional source of news and information for its viewers.

Feel free to tune in to this episode for updates on MISA Sport, Shakespeare Week, interviews from the Champions of the Athletics and Swimming Carnivals, and an update from our College Principal, Mr. Corcoran.

There is also a special announcement in store from Mr Griffiths that reveals shining news about something groundbreaking for the College… In order to find out, make sure to tune in to the episode.

The link to view the latest episode of GSCC Insight is below.

From all of us at the Media Team, we present to you the second episode of GSCC Insight. We sincerely hope you enjoy the announcements!