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GSCC's Year 9 students dive into the world of Australian Reptiles and Amphibians!

GSCC's Year 9 students recently had the incredible opportunity to observe numerous Australian reptiles and amphibians. This experience allowed our students to witness firsthand the importance of animals in the ecosystem, bringing to life their in-class unit on Ecosystems.

The year group were given a unique chance to interact with and handle many Australian reptiles. This included corn snakes, tortoises, python snakes, toads, and lizards. There was even a live alligator with which students were able to interact with. The experience served as an educational opportunity, enabling students to make real-life connections with their classroom studies in science

The presenters provided an informative talk which educated students about the reptiles and their essential role in ecosystems. Students were also instructed on how to respond to a snake bite and other essential skills when interacting with animals.

This was undoubtedly an incredible and educational experience for all Year 9 students to have firsthand interactions with various species and learn more about reptiles and their lifestyles.


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