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House Spirit on track at the 2021 Athletics Carnival

In what has been almost two years since the last carnival; Good Samaritan Catholic College’s true spirit was seen again today as the school held their first Athletics Carnival event since COVID-19 restrictions were enforced in 2020. The start of the day looked bleak though, as the weather reports suggested a bit of rain in the afternoon. Despite the small sprinkle of showers before the carnival commencing, this didn’t stop students and teachers from enjoying an eventful and fun day!

The day was filled with several athletics events which started with the championship 800 metre race in the early morning. Students competed in shot put, discus and long jump for points to count towards their House tally. The 100 metre run proved very popular for all grades. The true house spirit was seen in the stands as students cheered on their respective houses. The House Relay competitions left everyone on the edge of their seats towards the end of the day as they cheered on the competitors for the win.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff, as well as the community for making the 2021 Athletics Carnival such a memorable success. Congratulations also to the Merici House who won this year's carnival!


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