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How to host a Zoom Meeting

Use Zoom to hold virtual presentations and meetings. This platform is the video conferencing tool of choice for Sydney Catholic Schools. To host a meeting for a group of people such as a class:

1) Go to

2) Click on Sign In in the top-right corner of the page

3) When the sign-in window opens; click on Sign In with Google. Make sure to use your CeNet account when prompted which account to use.

4) Click on Meetings on the left menu pane, then select Schedule a Meeting.

5a) In the Topic area; give your meeting a name (eg. Year 12 IPT Online Class Session). Copy and paste this in the Description area as well. Set the time and duration of your meeting.

5b) Make sure that All Staff and Students has been selected in the Require Authentication to join pull-down menu. If this isn't available; you will need to enable it in your security settings (Click Settings on the left menu pane, then select Security). All other settings are set as default by Sydney Catholic Schools - there is no need to change any of this. Press Save at the bottom of the page.

6) Press Copy Invitation, then email this information to the people who will be part of this meeting. Make sure to also enter a copy of this invitation into the GSCC Zoom Meeting calendar.

7) When you are ready to commence the meeting; go back and select Meetings on the left menu pane of Zoom and select the meeting you created. Click on Start this Meeting. This will open the Zoom application on your laptop. For further information on how to use the Zoom app; watch the video below.

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