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Let your light shine: Opening School Mass celebrates new school year

The College continues to celebrate growth despite another different start to the year so far. After a long holiday break, the Good Samaritan Community celebrated its Opening School Mass on Friday the 11th of February. A number of restrictions continued because of COVID-19, however, the Opening Mass provided a wonderful start to the new school year for the College Community, and it gave an opportunity for everyone to strengthen their faith in God.

This year's Opening School Mass was again staged quite differently with students not being able to physically attend. It was live-streamed to allow students and staff to watch the celebration from their PC classes, and the stream also allowed parents and carers to join the celebration from home. The College’s Special Events and Media Team organised the setup and production of the mass to be shared with everyone through digital platforms.

Brother Pat led the mass for the College Community. His captivating homily provided insight on how we are called to be salt and light for those around us in the same manner as “Salt and Light”; that is, connecting the significance of the way that salt lends flavour to food, and that light always shows the way. Brother Pat asked the community to find ways in being the salt and light of the College, by acting and speaking with great dignity, respect and compassion towards others in 2022.

A special ceremony followed the mass where the new badges for the 2022 College Student Leadership Team were blessed and presented. The new Senior Student leaders were formally introduced to the College.

Mr Corcoran, the College’s Principal, welcomed the school to a new scholastic year and welcomed the school’s new Year 7 students. He presented the College’s 4 pillars of its Mission Statement; which included Love, Justice, Mercy and Compassion & Service. Mr Corcoran asked the College Community to look for ways this year to live out the College’s 2022 theme of ‘Let your Light Shine’ through various initiatives the College promotes throughout the year.

The College would like to thank Brother Pat for leading the Opening School Mass, Mr Bradbury and Ms Nissan for organising the celebration and the GSCC Special Events and Media Team for making it possible to continue the celebration of a new school year as a community. It was great to reconnect with the whole school community once again with everyone’s faith-filled spirits.

Hopefully, in the near future, the College can celebrate once again together.

Written by Sanjna S, with entries by Clarissa E, Angelina E and Emily P

- A full replay of the Opening School Mass is found below.

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