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Open Day 2022: Showcasing wonderful opportunities

Good Samaritan Catholic College (GSCC) recently had its annual College Open Day. On the 2nd April, prospective students and their families had the opportunity to explore and learn a little more about the College. An incredible number of people came to check out the College and its facilities. It was clear to see that the potential students and families of 2024 were very impressed.

The day began with everyone gathering inside the College Hall. The School Captains firstly lead the community with an opening prayer, followed by a presentation from the College’s Principal, Mr Corcoran and Acting Assistant Principal, Mr Vannan. They informed our prospective students and families about the College Mission Statement, Enrolment Process and College Tours.

As soon as it finished, each family went on a tour around the school with one of the Year 10 "Tour Guides." The Year 10 students brought the families around the school to take a look at the College’s various facilities and co-curricular booths.

Prospective families were given the opportunity to have a look at various locations around the College. They were shown places such as the new Mackillop Centre, the St Joseph Trades Skills Centre and the Science Labs. They were also informed about various co-curricular activities offered at the school, like Oratory and Debating, Media Team, SCS Sport and Performing Arts, which they were lucky enough to see perform.

"Very happy with the facilities, there's a lot for the school to offer for my child" - prospective parent

Overall, Good Samaritan Catholic College’s Open Day for 2022 was a great day to showcase the College to the community and potential new students. With the added benefit of great weather, the day ran smoothly and visitors left having learnt a lot about the school and community of GSCC.

"We are really excited to welcome the Year 5's to the College today and we really look forward to welcoming the Year 7 class of 2024 and the HSC students of 2029" - Mr Corcoran

Enrolment applications close on the 29th April 2022. Prospective families are advised to contact the school office on (02) 9825 9955 if they have any questions or queries about the enrolment process. Missed the presentation? You can watch it now below.

Written by Oriana P, interviews by Elizabeth G

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