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Opening School Mass celebrates beginning of new school year

To commence the new school year, the Good Samaritan Catholic College community recently celebrated its Opening School Mass. After a number of years of limitations, this was the first time the College community was able to once again gather together and celebrate the Blessed Sacrament. The Opening School Mass gave the students and the wider community a wonderful start to the new year and it gave everyone a chance to strengthen their faith.

Brother Pat’s touching homily gave students insight into how our Chapel is like the heart of the College which pumped love from one end of the College to the other, and that everyone should do likewise. The 2023 College theme was also introduced; “Mary arose and went with haste” (Luke 1:39). Brother Pat mentioned how Mary got up instantly to be there and serve her loved ones. It is a reminder to the community that everyone should always look out for, and support each other. Towards the end of the mass, Brother Pat prayed for a blessed and fruitful academic year ahead.

The mass followed a special ceremony where the new badges for the 2023 College Senior Student Leaders and Year 10 Peer Support Leaders were blessed by Brother Pat. The Senior Leaders were formally introduced to the College community, and pledged to serve the student cohort for 2023.

For those who weren't able to attend the mass, the celebration was live-streamed so that everyone in the community could participate in the celebration. On behalf of the College community, we would like to thank Brother Pat, Mr Bradbury, Ms Nissan and the GSCC Special Events and Media Team for making this wonderful celebration possible. It was a great chance to reconnect with the whole school community after a challenging few years.

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