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"Our voices thunder when they're joined as one" - A momentous milestone at our Senior Retreat

The Year 12 class of 2024 recently participated in a three-day overnight retreat experience, and it certainly left a profound impact on the grade. The annual retreat served as a powerful spiritual and emotional journey, where it encompassed a wide range of emotions from smiles, laughter, to heartfelt tears. It allowed the graduating class of 2024 to reflect on the connections and friendships they've formed over the years and it also reminded them of the countless memories and opportunities awaiting them in their final year of high school. Connections with peers and PC groups deepened, and the year group cherished the chance to engage in conversations they might not have had before.

Upon arriving at The Collaroy Centre, Year 12 was warmly welcomed by Mr. Bradbury, Mrs. Nissan, Mr. Butcher, Ms. Backhouse, and other accompanying staff. The day began with a moving prayer service, setting the tone for the spiritual experience ahead. This was followed by PC group activities, where students were divided into mini groups for team-building activities that got them into the retreat's spirit. In the evening, the whole group participated in a lively trivia competition that was hosted by the College's new Year 12 leaders. Everyone dressed up as characters starting with the letters from 'samaritan,' and there was also a fun competition to determine the best-dressed character.

The activities on the second day were thoughtfully organised by the Youth Mission team, and their primary focus was on fostering respectful relationships among the Year 12 students. The highlight of the evening's program was a deeply meaningful Mass led by Father Matthew. This spiritual gathering provided an opportunity for the students to come together in a sacred space, strengthening the sense of community and shared values within the group.

In addition to the Mass, the evening also featured a Year 12 Reconciliation activity, which proved to be a transformative experience. This activity allowed the students to engage in open and honest dialogues with each other. It served as a platform to address any unresolved issues or conflicts that may have existed within the grade. By doing so, students not only found closure but also took significant steps toward mending any strained relationships, and foster a greater sense of unity and understanding within their cohort.

This powerful experience went beyond the mere act of reconciliation; it was an opportunity for personal growth, reflection, and personal development. It contributed to the creation of a more supportive and cohesive cohort, where individuals could move forward with a stronger sense of community and shared purpose.

The final day of the retreat was centred around the year group's theme that 'Our voices thunder when they're joined as one'. It was a day filled with meaningful activities that allowed each individual to reflect on their unique 'gifts and talents'. Everyone gathered in their PC groups, and with the help of ceramic tiles and an array of vibrant paints, Year 12 embarked on a creative journey to express these unique qualities. The end result was a stunning display of colours and shapes, each symbolising an individual's distinctive contribution to both GSCC and the collective spirit of the 2024 graduating year group.

After morning tea, Year 12 came together as a united cohort one last time in the auditorium. Here, they exchanged affirmation envelopes, each containing heartfelt messages from their peers. These affirmations served as a source of empowerment, leaving the students with a deepened appreciation for the friends they've made and the cherished memories they've created throughout their academic journey.

As they awaited the buses that would transport them back to their familiar surroundings, the students were filled with a mix of emotions. They were undoubtedly tired from the whirlwind of activities and personal growth experienced during the retreat, yet their hearts were also brimming with excitement and a tinge of sadness that this transformative experience had come to an end so quickly.

Year 12 Students: To access the Photo Viewer, click here. Please use the password that was given to you on Compass to access this page.

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