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Reflecting on a Busy Term 1: Highlights from Good Samaritan Catholic College

As we reflect on the events of Term 1, Good Samaritan Catholic College has certainly been really busy with a number of activities and celebrations.

Throughout the term, our students have been actively engaged in learning opportunities in the classroom, as well as various school-wide events and initiatives. Our Year 7 students embarked on their high school journey with great enthusiasm, participating for the first time in events like the College Swimming and Athletics Carnivals. Their smooth transition and integration into our community are a testament to the guidance and support provided by their teachers and Year 10 Peer Support Leaders.

We continued to celebrate a number of outstanding academic achievements of our students. This included the achievements of our Year 12 2023 HSC High Achievers, where we recognised their dedication and excellence in their academic pursuits.

Our Media Team showcased their talent by interviewing Her Excellency Margaret Beazley, Governor of New South Wales, as part of Sydney Catholic Schools' 'So you want to be' podcast series, further enriching our school's engagement with the wider community.

In celebration of Harmony Week, our school embraced diversity through cultural dances and international cuisine, fostering unity and appreciation for our differences.

Towards the end of the term, our Year 12 cohort dedicated themselves to academic success during their assessment period, and demonstrated their commitment through rigorous study sessions such as the opportunities undertaken in the library.

Be sure to check out the latest edition of GSCC Insight! Tune in to watch an engaging conversation with our new Principal, Mr. Grana, as he shares insights and updates about our school community.

Report by Sienna R


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