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Remote Learning - Continuing to Learn!

Our students have been through some of the most challenging times over the past several weeks. The impact that COVID-19 has had on our community has meant that teaching and learning has momentarily moved into a remote learning program, and significant rearrangements have been made to learning spaces. Practices have had to be updated to ensure new social distancing and hygiene measures.

Despite the absence of the usual processes to commence a new term of learning, our students and teachers have engaged in rapid adaptation to keep up with the pace of change. Innovative ways to deliver subject content have been organised by all staff at the College, and they have used collaborative technologies to continue to connect with their classes. The past couple of weeks have been different, however our student community continues to face the challenge...

"The remote learning for the last two weeks have been quite good as there are both positives and negatives that come with it. The positives are that it is very enjoyable, since I can learn how to fix my computer, if anything wrong happens with it and also have more time to spend with my family, when it is break time. The negative is that remote learning can be boring sometimes, due to not having your friends with you and you may not be able to understand the topic that your teacher has taught you. However, the work has been very organised lately and I haven’t been struggling with my work at home. And if I had any problems or confusion with my work, I would email my teachers, so I can understand." - Year 7 GSCC student

"Remote learning has definitely been a change and something we have needed to adapt to but for some of us it isn’t the first time, like last year we all worked and persevered through this challenging time and once again I am sure that we can overcome it once again. Yes it has been difficult, with the internet lagging, getting distracted, but in the end it is surely an experience we will never forget. Looking at the bright side we have learnt so much and discovered a new innovative way to learn, share and communicate with others. Personally the first time around I struggled heavily to keep up and concentrate but now I have learnt to manage the workload, understand it thoroughly with my teachers being heavily organised and prepared with zooms, and video explanations." - Year 8 GSCC student

"Remote learning has been a great experience although it is very different to face-to-face learning. I have had the opportunity to still engage with my classmates over zoom calls and I have also learnt how to have better time management and finish all my work with no homework. Although we are still learning in a school setting online, nothing can compare to being at school with your friends and learning face-to-face." - Year 9 GSCC student

"It has been a challenge to be doing remote learning as a Year 12 student because the preparations for our trials and HSC have been a little more difficult and has put a greater stress onto us. But our teachers are giving us so much support to get us through which I am grateful for. Though there are difficulties ahead, we together as a school community are supporting one another and doing our best to do what we can during these uncertain times. A message I would give to someone who is isolated in lockdown is that they are not alone and to reach out to others because there will always be someone there to do their best to support you." - Senior student at GSCC

"Anyone struggling with overwhelming issues because of online learning or overwhelming thoughts, just know that this will be over soon and do not worry, many opportunities are disguised as problems that can be achieved." - GSCC student

The College highly recognises the resilience of our student community during these challenging times. As always, Good Samaritan is always within reach for anyone in our community who requires assistance.

1800 55 1800

13 11 14

1800 011 511

1300 1300 52

1300 224 636

1300 78 99 78

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