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“So great is the strength we possess in our unity!" Year 12 reflect on their recent retreat

After 2 years without a proper retreat experience, the class of 2022 were finally granted the opportunity to be involved in a three day overnight retreat from the 30th May to the 1st June. The retreat was both a spiritual and emotional journey for the entire cohort of Year 12. From joyful laughter to sobbing tears, Year 12 experienced it all.

Upon arrival at the Stanwell Tops Conference Centre, students were given an introduction by Mr Bradbury and supporting staff before they were assigned their cabins. To get the day started, students were split into their PC groups and took part in some ice breaker activities to get them into the spirit of the event. Later that evening, the Year 12 student leaders hosted trivia, followed by some ‘minute-to-win-it’ challenges and an entertaining lip sync battle between students and teachers.

The majority of the second day was spent completing reflective activities in small groups. Despite the cold temperatures and strong winds that night, it didn’t stop the year group from immersing themselves in the main event - liturgy and reconciliation. Reconciliation (with a twist) was a completely transformative experience that allowed students to reconcile with one another and set aside any past grievances in order to unite the grade as a stronger and closer year group.

This was a heart-warming experience for all of Year 12 which was filled with many tears and smiles as students were able to reconnect with their past friends and even strengthen their existing relationships with their peers and teachers.

Once again, day three was filled with many more tears as students received their affirmations from their peers and teachers. Not only were these messages touching and heart-warming, it encouraged students to be the best version of themselves. In a bittersweet moment, students and teachers gathered for photos followed by departure from the retreat. A big thank you to all the staff involved, the facilities at Stanwell Tops and the Year 12’s for engaging themselves fully in the retreat experience.

Written by Luke G and Jhessika U

Year 12 Students: To access the Photo Viewer, click here. Please use the password that was given to you on Compass to access this page.


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