Step-by-step guide to scanning documents with the Notes App on iOS

Besides taking notes, the iOS Notes app is also a powerful tool that makes scanning documents easy...

The iOS Notes app.

Scanning the Document

1. Have your document laid out in front of you in your workspace. Have it flipped to the first page. This will be the first page you start scanning.

2. Open the Notes app and go to the home page. It is the one that stores all of your notes in folders.

3. Select the +folder icon and create a new folder.

4. Give it a title, such as “Trial Examinations”. This will be the area where you conduct your scans so that they are organised away from any other work.

5. Create a new note by selecting the icon on the bottom-right of the page. Enter a name for your note, then press Return on the keyboard. This will make sure your files are organised, and it will prevent confusion later.