Term 2 Commencement Update #7

I write to confirm / amend the details sent to you last week in COVID 19 Update # 7.

I am again delighted to let you know that we are now implementing Phase 2.1 of the staggered return to Good Samaritan. We can have more students bringing more life to our school!! As foreshadowed last week, we will begin on Monday May 11th with the following arrangements:

Year 12 classes will run each day as per their College timetable with an additional Year Group in each day on a rotational roster, also following their College timetable. The infographic below details these arrangements;

Remote (R) = majority of students learning from home, some supervision provided for students in need of care as is currently the case. Teachers will only be on site to teach Year 12 and the additional year group at the College each day.

Face to Face (ftf) = students attend the College for instruction and class interaction.

On a Tuesday afternoon Year 12 classes will cease after Period 3 [12:15pm] and students have the option to either go home for study or stay at the College to study. Year 12 students with extension subjects will have their normal Tuesday afternoon class and students with major works due will also have practical classes at this time. Over the next two Tuesday afternoons Year 11 will have an additional English and Religion lesson instead of the usual study block.

To ensure the wellbeing of students, staff and visitors @ the College during Phase 2.0 & 2.1 we will be implementing the following protocols;

1. Spreading students out during class as far as possible 2. Cleaning class rooms @ Recess & Lunch 3. Cleaning student toilets after Recess and Lunch 4. Closing shared bubblers and water refill stations 5. Providing staff with additional hand sanitiser 6. Having students clean their hands before and after practical subjects 7. Wiping down high touch surfaces 8. Limiting ‘non-essential’ adults attending the site [including volunteers] 9. Providing each year group with a separate Recess and Lunch space

To add an additional layer of health support at this time, I am directing that students [& staff] who are unwell are to stay away from the College. If someone presents with the following symptoms; ○ fever ○ sore throat ○ cough ○ tiredness ○ difficulty breathing

They are not to return to school until all symptoms have subsided or they have been cleared of COVID-19 by their General Practitioner. The public testing regime now allows for testing of all who present with these symptoms.

Phase 3 as of Week 5 we anticipate all students back at Good Samaritan following their regular timetable. As you would appreciate all of these arrangements are made understanding that circumstances could change at short notice pending medical advice from NSW Health and or the NSW Government. I will confirm this with you in Week 4 when we have the most up to date information.

Professor Brendan Murphy, Chief Medical Officer for the Government of Australia, has recommended the downloading of the COVIDSafe app to assist in limiting the spread of the COVID 19 virus. It allows for rapid tracing of people who have been in contact with someone who has been diagnosed with the virus. Further lifting of social restrictions depends on the broad uptake of this app. I urge all in our community to seriously consider adding this to our communal arsenal in combatting the spread of COVID 19. I also note that our Archbishop, Anthony Fisher, OP, has also endorsed the use of the COVIDSafe app.

With every best wish at this vital time

Mr J Corcoran Principal