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The Duke of Edinburgh Adventurous Journey Challenge

The Duke of Edinburgh International Award is a program where students undertake a series of educational and community-based initiatives. These initiatives teach them different and important skills they might use in the future; such as Physical Activity, Voluntary Service and Arts & Crafts. The program offers a reward once the initiatives are completed of either a gold, silver or bronze award. One of the initiatives our Duke of Edinburgh students recently took part in was the Adventurous Journey.

It was very fortunate that GSCC’s Duke of Edinburgh students were able to undertake the Adventurous Journey, because it was rescheduled on a number of occasions due to COVID-19 restrictions. The students arrived at school early on Friday with their camping and cooking gear. They boarded a bus for a trip to Sydney Harbour in which they started to plan out their route to achieve the category of ‘Physical Skills’ and ‘Adventurous Journey’.

Various students commented on how long and exhausting the walk felt, where they had to endure a walk that went for 8 to 10 kilometres. However, it was also a very rewarding experience. The students walked along the coastline of Sydney Harbour, and even tried a ferry to Cockatoo Island where they stayed overnight. The GSCC Duke of Ed students enjoyed exploring, watching the sunset and learning about the island.

Their trip ended with a ferry to Manly, and another adventurous 8km walk along the Manly coastline. They arrived at Spit Bridge and rested at the nearby park before boarding the bus for the trip back to school. Many felt exhausted, but also very happy with their accomplishments over the past two days.

“The Duke of Edinburgh adventurous journey was a fun and exciting opportunity to connect with fellow peers in my grade as well as connecting with myself mentally. I enjoyed participating in this journey as I have embarked on tasks I thought I would never have had the time to do. I hope those in Year 9 this year take the opportunity to participate in this event to learn something new and to make memories they can look back on.” - Gabriella M, Year 10 representative

Written by Oriana P and Elizabeth G


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