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Wonderful HSC Results from GSCC's Year 12 Class of 2022

After 13 long years in the classroom, Good Samaritan Catholic College's Year 12 class of 2022 received their HSC marks and university rankings today. From 6:00am, many of our senior students woke up early and went online to learn of their HSC results, then again at 9:00am to find out their ATAR. With many of our students coming to the College to share their results today, they have proven that hard work and dedication certainly pays off at the end...

Katarina was ranked first in the HSC Food Technology Course in the state, and was also able to achieve an impressive ATAR of 98.35. She is looking to further her studies with a Bachelors Degree in Business Law.

"I was absolutely speechless when I found out my results this morning," Katarina said today.

Katarina has also been named as a HSC All Rounder for 2022.

Katarina's teachers are absolutely proud of her achievements. The College also acknowledges the crucial foundation laid by her primary school educators at Good Shepherd Catholic Primary School, Hoxton Park.

Joshua has always had an interest in health sciences and medicine. His passion in the field has been a long-standing aspiration since he was young, and his impressive ATAR result of 97.25 may certainly open this pathway. Joshua's commitment to his studies has evidently paid off, and was more than happy to give some advice to future HSC students:

"Plan properly and always be organised, but also make sure you take breaks and be realistic. Talk to your friends and teachers as they are always there to support you."

Angelina was in complete shock when she found out her results, where she is looking to undertake a double-degree in Law and Psychology. Angelina's outstanding ATAR result of 96.55 is testament that motivation and hard work certainly gets rewarded.

"Don't ever feel discouraged," Angelina said today.

"Keep focussed and keep working towards whatever goal you have."

Good Samaritan Catholic College congratulates all our Year 12 2022 students on their brilliant results this year.

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