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WYD Panama Pilgrims Reunite

On the 20th December, we closed the chapter on our final World Youth Day formation program. After 9 months of formation, study, conversation and prayer, we were given the physical tools and tips to continue a young life with Christ. 

The night was filled with laughter, catching up and fellowship with some great food before we delved deeper into the practicalities of continuing our own faith formation as independent young adults. 

We had a panel with Victoria, Chris and Richie in which they spoke more about their own personal testimonies and how they found Christ. We were then invited deeper into their faith by being given practical tips on how to continue our faithful life.

We were passionately encouraged to PRAY. To sit in silence and listen to what the Lord is telling us and respond accordingly, to put aside time in our ever growing and busy lives and secular world to give praise, ask for guidance and to give thanks. We were also told to surround ourselves with like minded people who are open minded and open hearted to the love and work of Jesus Christ. The sacraments should also be at the centre of our lives in attending Mass weekly, basking in The Son during Adoration and to park take in the Holy Communion as a source of spiritual nourishment. 

All in all, I can safely say that without the continuous sessions we were given, thankfully encouraged by our Bus Chaplain Father Josh and bus leader, Glen Thompson, I would not have found the successes in my post HSC life nor would I have been the faithful person after WYD. My life will forever be touched by the comforting and educating words and lessons I have learnt over the past 9 months. 

Praise be to God and God bless always. 


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