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Year 12 2023 HSC Course Information Presentation

Good Samaritan Catholic College welcomes our Year 12 2023 students to their final year of secondary education.

The following presentations, along with your Assessment Information Booklet, have been developed to give you the necessary information regarding assessment procedures in the Higher School Certificate. It is very important that parents and students view the presentations and read the Assessment Information Booklet carefully. It outlines the responsibilities of a senior student in relation to the Higher School Certificate.

It is imperative that each student sitting for the HSC has a thorough understanding of the processes and procedures involved in order to maximise results and reduce misunderstandings. The assessment procedures reward those students who are consistent and diligent in their approach to study.

Parents are encouraged to become familiar with the assessment processes and program, so that they can help and encourage their son/daughter to successfully manage their studies.

Presentation One: Introduction by College Principal, James Corcoran

Presentation Two: HSC Course Information by Mrs Martin, Leader of Learning


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