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Year 7's Unforgettable Adventures at Camp Yarramundi

The Year 7 Camp this year has been an unforgettable adventure for all Year 7 students. On the 6th May,  we journeyed to Camp Yarramundi, where we took part in a lot of team-building activities. The camp gave us lots of opportunities to get to know each other better.

On arrival, it was interesting to find that our cabins were named after Australian plants and animals. Split into groups of around 20, and a teacher leading each group, we eagerly awaited the challenges ahead.

Looking back, we can't help but smile at the memories we made. Overcoming fears of heights and being away from home was no easy feat, but we did it together, supporting one another every step of the way.

During the camp, we tackled activities like the Giant Swing, Rock Climbing, and the thrilling High Ropes course. Each challenge pushed us mentally and physically, but we were determined to conquer them all.

Despite the initial nerves, and with the encouragement of our friends and the guidance of our instructors, we faced every challenge head-on. In the end, we not only conquered our fears but also formed lifelong friendships and memories that will stay with us forever.

Here are a couple of words from some of our Year 7 campers...

“The Camp was a great experience, I was able to get out of normal routines to explore the great outdoors. What I enjoyed about the camp is that I was able to get involved in challenging activities, I was also able to make new friends during this experience. We did many activities, one example is Rock Climbing, this was a great experience to have. Overall my experience at Camp Yarramundi was a great one and will be a memory I will never forget.”

“This camp was a great experience. It gave me a chance to get to know my peers outside of the classroom. The camp challenged my mental and physical capabilities, it also gave me a chance to get out of my school routine and experience a new side of learning. Overall I really enjoyed all of the activities and I'm excited to do them again in Year 9. It was a great experience and I will always remember it."

Report by Jelka N and Kosta L


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