Preparing for the 2021 Online Trial HSC Examination

For many of us, sitting an exam online will be a new experience. This document outlines important information that you should be fully aware of prior to the commencement of your online examinations.

The basic process of the online examination:

Allow plenty of time to get yourself ready. To make sure you are all set for the online version of the 2021 Trial HSC Examination, check out the following checklist...

1) Practise scanning a series of pages - You will need this to be able to upload your examination response booklets as ONE PDF FILE. You can either use the Scan Documents tool in the Notes app of your IOS device (eg. iPhone), or use the Adobe Scan app.

- To learn more on how to use the Notes app to scan documents, go here.

- To learn more on how to use the Adobe Scan app to scan documents, go here.

2) Make sure the Zoom application on your laptop is working properly and up to date. It will be used so that the Examination Supervisor can communicate with you, as well as monitor your progress. Go to for the installer package.

3) Practise the process by accessing the sample version of the online examination paper. The examination paper for your subject will be displayed via a specially modified Google Form. Year 12 2021 students have been sent a link to the sample version on their Compass Newsfeed.

4) Practise uploading y