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What is World Youth Day?

WYD is an encounter of young people from all around the world with the Pope amidst a festive, religious, and cultural atmosphere, which confirms the dynamism of the Church and testifies the significance of Jesus in our lives. "WYD is much more than an event. It is a time of deep and spiritual renewal; its fruits benefit the whole of society" (Benedict XVI). It is an extraordinary way of evangelization to strengthen youth ministry. WYD is held every three years and the last one was held in Krakow (Poland) in 2016.

WYD is a multi-day event with two main group of events: the first one is related to the “Days in the Dioceses”, during which the participants visit to different dioceses in the host country, and on this particular occasion, other Central American countries. During these days before WYD, pilgrims interact with local families (who host them) and strengthen their faith through activities with the communities in the parishes. The second group is the “Main Events”, referring to the activities planned in the host city: the opening mass, the welcoming of the pope, the way of the cross, the vigil with the Holy Father and the final mass. As well, there are other activities which young people can choose and live out the WYD experience: the Youth Festival, catechesis sessions, vocational centre, and even concerts.

Join us as we bring you the journey live! 

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